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There are many reasons that people enter into a therapeutic contract with me,probably as many reasons as there are people,but the main things my clients tend to be looking for are:

  • a place to be listened to and not judged.
  • a chance to really tackle their problems and issues.
  • an opportunity to start to become the person they would like to be.

    Regular Individual Psychotherapy offers you the possibility of really understanding yourself at every level and has the potential to be life changing.I offer many years of experience working with a wide range of people with all kinds of issues.Your committment is to bring yourself and a willingness to explore the full range of who you really are.
    Individual Counselling offers you the chance to look at a particular issue in depth and with honesty, with the intention of finding a resolution that is in alignment with your most authentic self.
    People usually see me on a weekly basis for an hourly session, after an initial meeting, which is your opportunity to meet me and to find out which of these approaches is likely to benefit you most and whether I am the right person for you to work with.The length of time the work takes is dependent on the issues that you bring and the level of exploration that you want to commit yourself to.This is always your decision.
    Couples Counselling I offer this service to couples who want to look at any aspect of their relationship with a highly experienced counsellor.We usually meet on a weekly basis but as with my individual work this is negotiable.
    Groups I run self development groups throughout the year advertising them locally and on facebook.Do contact me to find out what I have planned.

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